PTC Fun Run Fundraiser
PTC Fun Run Fundraiser
Posted on 09/18/2017
KickoffWe are one week into our Fun Run Fundraiser at Westhoff Elementary.  We are approximately half way to our goal of $20,000 which will stay with Westhoff.

The Fun Run day is during the school day on Friday, September 22nd, 2017.

If the 20,000 dollar goal is reached, Mrs. Hooton will be taped to the gym wall and Dr. Deering will have the top earned student per grade level for the fundraiser, and possibly some grade level teachers, throw pies in her face.

There is an additional incentive that if all 50 states are represented Mrs. Hooton will ride the halls wearing a princess costume on a tricycle and Dr. Deering will do the Chicken Dance in a Chicken Costume.  Who would want to miss out on that?!?

We still have a few more days left so lets do our best by meeting our goal!